About us

Our company

Marine Aquaculture Industries a proprietary Firm  with its registered office at 176 Chaka, FCI Road, Naini Prayagraj 211008 U.P. India

We have Marine and Freshwater pearl culture expertise and only pearl producing company in India. through our research programs we have been able to develop world's most innovative technologies. Generally a huge numbers of oysters are killed to get pearls. but we have controlled the mortality of the oysters. our modest technology allows us to extract the pearl from oyster without harming it and the oyster can be repeatedly used to produce another pearl.

for more Information visit www.pearlindia.org We are basically research people, engaged in new experiments, limited quantities but very high quality of pearls produced in the course of research mission we market and loop back the revenue in research activities.

Corporate House

We are blessed with most company team of divers/oyster collectors, surgeons, and lab operators. and now we are expelling us with marketing our pearls online at www.pearlindia.com. 

We have opened the door of our Laboratory to access online to get purest pearls. we have variety of pearls, Black Pearls, Golden Pearls and many more, all produced by most prominent species of pearl oysters of the world.